For DIY A/C parts please visit my friends at Appliance Parts Company


parts direct to the public


Summer 2014 is here - my tip..


Beware the "FREE SERVICE CALL"...  Read the fine print!  


By the time most companies jack up the repair cost you are paying double or triple the fair value of the job..  

Hundreds of units fixed – tens of thousands of $$ saved!!

Awesome video on how a heat pump works!


Read the reviews -  this is real and it works - thank you- Hondo and I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!


John T from Buckeye, AZ " Don't call someone before you call him. Your wallet will thank you."


Linda D from PA says "Wow….thanks for the info, it does my heart good to know that there really are people out there that are honest and not out to rip you off!"


 Eric from Texas wrote me this: " It took them seven trips to my house to  perform all of the procedures that you walked me through in a total of ten  to  fifteen minutes." 


New Video - tips and tricks on how to change/wire a condenser fan motor

Hondo and I say thanks and keep it up!!!!!

How this works:


Call in (preferably) or fill out my contact form with a question or problem you are having.  I get back to you, usually within one hour, with help, advice and direction on what to do...


It is that simple!!




Thats easy, I love beer. Seriously, I have spent enough time on the other side of this business to know all of the tricks unscrupulous techs pull.  When you have commission based people working out there you are going to get abuse and that is why I am here - to balance out the scale. 

R-22 vs R-410a Get ready to rumble!!!!

PITA leak on a package unit

Run capacitor game show!!

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